Johan Mouchet

Front-End Engineer, Design System Architect

As a front-end engineer deeply interested in design system architecture, I unite engineering and design to create user-centred experiences. I thrive on building and maintaining unified design systems, ensuring efficiency and consistency in product development. Driven by creativity and critical thinking, I'm passionate about developing ideas that inspire and push boundaries.


Career Experiences

Paradoor, Melbourne
– Present

CPO & Co-CTOContract
7 months

In advancing Paradoor's mission to democratise luxury home co-ownership, I led the startup's MVP launch. I guided the definition of the brand identity, developed a user-friendly booking management app, and designed a marketing website for education and lead generation.

Propps, Melbourne
3 years, 2 months

Design System Architect
1 year, 10 months
Design Engineer
1 year, 4 months

At Propps, on a mission to enhance real estate transactions, I transitioned from the second engineer to a design system architect, earning recognition for my customer-centric approach. In a team of 6 engineers, I contributed to developing a product for 8k agents and 17k buyers, playing a key role in the start-up's $40 million valuation.

Medtribe, Melbourne

Lead Software EngineerContract
3 months

At Medtribe, a startup dedicated to simplifying event management for healthcare professionals and fostering collaboration between teachers and students, I led the transition to a modern React architecture.

Isobar, Melbourne

Front-end developer
2 years, 9 months

During my time at Isobar, I primarily contributed to the Jetstar project by focusing on modernising the website and developing new features in an Agile environment. By prioritising design enhancement, I focused my efforts on improving user experience and boosting conversion rates.

Kin + Carta, London

Front-end developer
11 months

At Kin + Carta, a leading digital agency, I was involved in impactful projects like the Lexus v11 website redesign. I contributed to creating dynamic and user-friendly experiences, focusing on responsive design and innovative features like geolocation and interactive visuals.

Survie Mer Formation, London

Front-end developer, Designer, Marketing strategistContract
6 months

At Survie Mer Formation, a leader in marine and offshore personnel safety training, my focus was on driving tangible growth through strategic initiatives. By directing efforts across design, development, and marketing, my goal was to improve user experiences and boost acquisition and conversion rates.

TMW Unlimited, London

Front-end developer
5 months

At TMW Unlimited, an acclaimed marketing agency, I contributed to the development of short-lived campaigns for HR Treasury, the Prince's Trust, Sport Relief and more.

MOVE digital, London

Web designer & developer
1 year, 3 months

At MOVE digital, an independent web marketing agency with a focus on Growth Hacking, I gained valuable experience in website design and development using WordPress.


My portfolio, built in public.

  • Bootstrapped with Next.js
  • Pulling data from Prismic with GraphQL
  • Maintaining a design system with Storybook, deployed with Chromatic
  • Type-checked with TypeScript
  • Unit and snapshot tested with Jest and React Testing Library
  • Using CSS Modules, Sass and post-processing
  • Linted with ESlint and Stylelint; formatted with Prettier; enforced by Husky and lint-staged
  • Deployed using SSG on Netlify


Yet another responsive utility-based CSS grid customisable with Sass.

  • Built with Sass, PostCSS
  • Bundled with Parcel.js
  • Distributed on npm
  • Archived in the Arctic as part of the GitHub Archive Program


Next.jsStorybookCSS-in-JSTailwind CSSViteJestpnpmHeadless CMSREST APIGitRegExLinters & PrettierResponsive designPerformanceSEOWorkshopProduct AnalyticsAgileOpen-sourceAI

Academic Qualifications


Master of Computer Science

SUPINFO, Marseille

Bachelor of Computer Science


  • English: Bilingual
  • French: Native

Personal Works

When I'm not developing web apps, I like to take pictures, doodle, and make short films. I also enjoy cycling, fitness, cooking, and volunteering at @YoungCodersAU.

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