Johan Mouchet

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About me

Originally from Marseille, France, I moved to London in 2013 where I graduated from a master degree in IT. I worked as a front-end developer for different agencies where I was able to express my appreciation for design, enthusiasm for new technologies and desire to collaborate.

Johan Mouchet

Right now,

I recently relocated to Melbourne looking for a new opportunity to take my career to the next level. I'm committed and ready to work within a fast paced environment on innovative and impactful projects.


  • Vue.js
  • HTML5
  • CSS3 & Sass
  • JavaScript — ES2017
  • UI & UX


Sass, BEM, ITCSS, Bootstrap, Nunjucks / Twig / Handlebars, CMS, Microdata, ES2017, jQuery, APIs, Webpack, Yarn / npm, Gulp / Grunt, Git (Gitflow), Zeplin / InVision / Photoshop, Responsive design, Web performance, Cross-browser compatibility, Accessibility, Standards, Search Engine Marketing, Analytics, Atlassian suite, Agile, Open source


Positive, Enthusiast about new technologies, Motivated, Enjoy knowledge sharing


  • English: Advanced
  • French: Native


Web & Graphic design, Development, Photography, Video Editing, Drawing, Traveling, Cycling, Running, Fitness

Career experiences

Isobar, Melbourne — Front-end developer

2017 – Present

Global agency that delivers digital transformation powered by creativity, who believe in Ideas Without Limits, pushing the boundaries of technology and creativity.

Zoos Victoria

Zoos Victoria

CatVR: Safe Cat, Safe Wildlife

Joint RSPCA campaign website to help cat owners give their pet the safest and happiest life while ensuring they have no link to loss of wildlife.

  • MADC 2018 (Melbourne Advertising and Design Club): Best PR experience
  • One Show Awards shortlist: Media Relations
  • Contentful, headless CMS
  • Handlebars templating, component oriented
  • Masonry grid layout
  • Community submission forms with client side validation
  • Social media sharing
  • Micromodal accessible modal dialogs
  • Bootstrap 4, Sass, BEM naming scheme
  • Front-end tooling: Yarn, Gulp, Webpack, linting
Klip Studio

Klip Studio

Web application dedicated to the sport rights holders industry. Allows to edit live or recorded streams to produce highlights shareable on social media.

  • React framework, Semantic UI React component library
  • Shaka web player, advanced video editing, cropping etc.
  • Content tagging, filtering, sorting
  • Audience engagement tracking through social media APIs
  • Social media publishing
  • Semantic UI, Less, BEM naming scheme
  • Front-end tooling: Create React App, npm, linting



Websites creation related to education for Pearson’s launch in three new markets through Asia.

  • Experience Manager, enterprise content management
  • Content authoring, page and component building
  • Market customisation, translation
  • Registration forms

Amaze, London — Front-end developer

2016 – 2017 (10 months)

Leading digital marketing, technology and commerce consultancy which delivers at a UK, pan-European and global level.




Website redesign to embody the new brand direction focused on a premium and lifestyle experience. Deployed into 35 countries of the European market and translated into 27 languages.

  • SDL Web (formerly Tridion), headless data driven CMS
  • Nunjucks templating, component oriented, fed with datas stored in a MongoDB database
  • Slick carousel integration, lazy loading
  • HTML5 Geolocation API, Google maps API
  • AAA accessibility standard
  • Sass + ITCSS architecture, BEM naming scheme
  • Advanced CSS animations with Waypoints js
  • Progressive enhancement with JavaScript: Backbone.js, jQuery
  • Front-end tooling: npm, Grunt, RequireJS, linting
  • Environment: Vagrant, Continuous integration: Heroku


Safety System Plus

Microsite creation to showcase Lexus' Safety System Plus technology.

  • Stack identical to the one of Lexus 'v11'
  • Full Screen, single-page design, done with fullPage.js
  • Integration of a Three.js API (realised by the talented Daniel Brown)
  • Advanced multi layers CSS animations
  • Responsive design, device orientation aware
  • Performance optimised, QA tested



Delivery within a short turnaround of a global eCommerce website for a manufacturer of consumer marine electronics.

  • EPIServer CMS for scalability
  • Handlebars / Razor templating, component oriented
  • Client side form verification done with jquery-validation
  • AAA accessibility standard
  • Sass + ITCSS architecture, BEM naming scheme
  • Progressive enhancement with JavaScript (jQuery)
  • Front-end tooling: npm, Gulp, linting

Survie Mer Formation, London — Designer & Front-end developer & Marketing strategist

2016 (5 months) / Contractor

Design, development and marketing strategy for a company that trains marine and offshore personnel on safety at sea.

  • Growth Hacking strategy development (AARRR model) meant to increase online registrations
  • UI Refreshment: new brand identity, responsive design, cross-browser compatibility
  • UX Revampment: focused towards user conversion, web performance, accessibility
  • Wireframe, mockup and prototype done with Photoshop
  • Twig templating, component oriented, fed with datas stored in a MySQL database
  • Sass + ITCSS architecture, BEM naming scheme
  • Progressive enhancement with JavaScript (jQuery)
  • Front-end tooling: Yarn, Grunt, linting
  • SEO: use of Open Graph protocol, JSON-LD microdata
  • SEA: AdWords campaign creation
  • Analytics: setup Google Analytics events and goals

TMW Unlimited, London — Front-end developer

2015 – 2016 (5 months)

Award winning marketing agency which helps some of the world's most respected brands to strategically develop and implement marketing communications.

Business Banking Insight

Business Banking Insight

Analysis website of business banking providers, supported by the HR Treasury.

  • AngularJS 2 templating
  • Front-end framework: Kickoff (npm, Grunt, Sass, jQuery)
  • amCharts library integration
  • Front-end dynamic filtering feature
  • Back-end collaboration for CMS integration
Prince's trust

Prince's trust

#partofPT campaign

Crowdsourced event listing microsite for the Prince's Trust 40th anniversary celebration.

  • Front-end framework: Kickoff
  • Hashtagd APIs integration
  • OAuth integration for Twitter sharing
  • Lazy loaded events from database
Sport Relief

Sport Relief

#Skipathon campaign (Over)

Mobile web browser game based on rope skipping.

  • iOS and Android default browser support
  • Device 3D movement detection
  • React templating
  • Front-end framework: Kickoff
  • OAuth integration for Facebook and Twitter registration and sharing
  • HTML5 canvas and CSS3 animations

MOVE digital, London — Web designer & developer

2014 – 2015 (1 year 3 months)

Independent web marketing agency focused on Growth Hacking.

Here are few of the websites I've designed and built using WordPress:


Jardin France Design, Marseille — Front-end developer

2013 (3 months) / Intern

PrestaShop eCommerce website for a garden products supplier. (The owner decided to close the website).

Radigraph, Marseille — Front-end developer

2013 (3 months) / Part-time intern

Website development for a print company: product database, elaborated quotation, SEO.

Winlink santé, Marseille — Front-end developer

2012 (3 months) / Full-time intern

Web intranet application for personnel management: account management, interactive calendar, multiple databases.

Digitick, Marseille — Front-end developer

2011 (3 months) / Full-time intern

Various web designs for online selling ticket: including SIG Basket and Biarritz culture.

Survie Mer Formation, Marseille — Front-end developer

2008 (3 months) / Contractor

Website development for a training centre: advanced online registration, databases, back office, SEO, SEA.


Available upon request.